Growing Together Horizontal_CMYKIn him the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord. And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit. Ephesians 2:21-22

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 Pastors Letter- Impact for God






The Growing Together Campaign will address three main needs;

  • Worship Space – From 2000 to 2013 we added over 2,300 members, but not one seat for worship. We have exceeded 85% of our seating capacity of 450 seats.
  • Student Ministry – Students are our largest growing demographic. Our current space only seats 85 students. In three of the Sundays in January 2014, the attendance in the Shed was 169, 181, and 192.
  • Music Ministry – The Choir and Praise Team lead us in worship and praising God each week. They are an essential part of our services, and they need an adequate place to prepare for worship.

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 Reach More People



A beautiful worship center designed around the cross.

  • 800 comfortable moveable seats and expanded altar for Holy Communion.
  • State of the art media, sound and lighting to enhance your worship experience.
  • Three separate platform areas for our choir, musicians and special performances.
  • A spacious and welcoming pulpit and altar space.
  • The Interim Worship Center not only gives us room to grow, it gives us a Future Fellowship Hall for when we move into the Final Sanctuary.
  • A warm and welcoming gathering area will connect the new Interim Worship Space to our current building.
  • A dedicated Choral Ministry suite provides spacious rooms for choir robes, instruments, practice staging that mirrors the worship center stage above, and plenty of room for future growth opportunities.


Space for Students


Renovation of the current Sanctuary to create a dedicated Student Center.

  • Like the Worship Center, the Student Center is designed with the cross as a focal point. A modern and comfortable space with a unique rustic design.
  • The students on the design team asked for a space that not only fits their needs, but that would be welcoming to the adults in our congregation as well.
  • Conversation areas with comfortable seating for small groups creates an environment for students to grow together spiritually.
  • A Prayer Room was a top priority for the students who helped design this space.

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Site Plan




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 Campaign Prayer



Most gracious and loving God,

we come before you in the righteousness of Jesus, with praise and thanksgiving in our hearts. We pray for your love to join us together as one and build us like living stones into a spiritual house, a holy temple and dwelling place for your spirit. Grow us together in our faith walk, and give us a hunger to know you more dearly and see you more clearly, as your purpose is fulfilled through us. Open our hearts to sacrificially give our resources to further your kingdom here on Earth. Open our eyes and give us spiritual wisdom to see the needs in our community so we can be the hands and feet of Christ. Fill us with joy and expectancy as we await your vision for HMUMC to unfold and may we be continually aware of your presence in our midst. To God be the Glory.




 Congregation Prayer



We are sharing prayers from the congregation, because prayer is a very important part of this campaign. You will see lots of names you know! What a wonderful way to enjoy Growing Together – Generation to Generation! Here links to a few of the wonderful prayers that have been shared …

Kelly Dyar  Tommy & Donna White Lisa Barnett Blake Godbee Louise Hirsch Bob & Nancy Kelly Rob & Cindi Marbury  Dana Terry  Don & Linda Crone Tom & Holly Carson Lynnette Cook  Sarah Crawford  Roger Freeman

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Your Commitment

The most important decision you will make during this campaign will be about your commitment. In many ways, the success of our campaign will depend upon the degree to which our congregation takes seriously the concept of SACRIFICE. What the word SACRIFICE means to one person may be entirely different to another. Webster’s dictionary defines SACRIFICE as: “giving up something of value, to give to something of greater value.” It certainly means that any gift must have real meaning and value to the giver.

A few things to consider.

Sacrifice – What can I give up, do without, postpone, or alter in order to give to my church?

Process – What am I willing to do or do without? Seek to translate “SACRIFICE” into a plan of action.

Amount – What kind of commitment will my sacrificial efforts generate during the next three years?

Take a personal inventory – consider investing from as many areas as possible.

Income – How much can I budget from income to give?

Time & Talent – What can I do or invest during the next three years to generate additional income?

Assets – What item of value do I own that I can give to my church (real estate, stocks, bonds, possessions, etc.)?

Income Producing Assets – What income could I dedicate from rental properties, stocks, bonds, etc.?





Ways to give to your church.

How can I possibly support a three-year campaign when I am currently giving all I can to the church? Here are some ideas that you may not have considered.

1. Give $1,800 to my church by going to the library to check out books vs. online or book store purchases. $50 /month x 36 months = $1,800

2. Give $3,744 to my church by packing a nutritious lunch two times a week vs. eating at a restaurant. $12 x 2 times a week x 52 weeks x 3 years = $3,744

3. Give $4,818 to my church by making my coffee at home vs. coffee shop latte. $4.40 x 365 days x 3 years = $4,818

4. Give $7,800 to my church by inviting friends over for dessert and game night vs. going out for dinner and a movie two times a month. Dinner and movie for five = $100 x 26 weeks x 3 years = $7,800

5. Give $8,562 to my church by making coffee at home and packing two lunches per week. $4,818 coffee at home + $3,744 packing 2 lunches per week = $8,562

6. Give $9,360 to my church by spending an extra night eating dinner at home with my family vs. going out to a restaurant. Dinner for 5 = $60 x 52 weeks x 3 years = $9,360

7. Give $21,978 to my church by making coffee at home and spending an extra night eating dinner at home with my family and inviting friends over for dessert and game night. $4,818 coffee at home + $9,360 dinner at home + $7,800 dessert and game night = $21,978


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