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Stewardship 2016-2017

 “Stewardship” often makes us think of raising money for the church. We could better define God’s vision of stewardship with two words: TAKE CARE. If we truly believe that God is the Creator, then we understand that EVERYTHING is His. Our job is to simply TAKE CARE of what He has given us for this short time on earth.


My Pledge

I truly believe that “the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it” (Pslam 241). I am grateful that God has called ME to TAKE CARE of His wonderful gifts. So, in obedience to that call and with thanksgiving for all that God had entrusted to me, I offer my financial support for the work of Christ’s church. This commitment is a sign of my heart, my life, and my love. I pray that God will use my gifts to provide for people a place of grace and connection where they can meet Christ and come to know Him more deeply. I prayed about this pledge, and commit to giving as stated below.


Stewardship 2016-2017

  • With thanksgiving for the gifts God has given me/us, I/we pledge the following in support of the mission and ministry of Hamilton Mill United Methodist Church through the annual budget beginning in 2017:
  • This amount above will be given as
  • per



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