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Today’s post is by Katie Ring Today was Sunday, so it was our day of rest. And we had a great sabbath! After our early start yesterday, it was nice to start our day by sleeping in until 8am (Guat time, 10 am U.S. time). For me, this started my sabbath off right away considering I normally wake up at…

Day one in the books!

Today’s guest post is written by Christina Tsangrides–a first-timer! The view when we woke up! We began our day earlier than we would have liked due to some road closures/construction, but as our day began we were all grateful for this beautiful day in Guatemala! Before we started to eat breakfast at the Happy Tummies…


March on the Rooftop Week 4

In Matthew 18:21-35, Jesus tells the story of a servant who was severely in debt to the king.  Despite the fact that the king forgave his enormous debt, the servant refused to forgive another man just a small debt.  The king was very unhappy that his servant did not show the man his same kindness….

eNote graphic - A Lenten Prayer

Pastor Mark’s eNote – A Lenten Prayer from Psalm 130

       Out of the clutter I cry to you, O Lord. From behind the heaps of excess and yellowing stacks of good intentions, from beneath the mound of past mistakes counted and recounted and old regrets still dripping with guilt, I call to you. I am weary from the load of grudges inordinately…

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