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Pastor Mark’s eNote: Pictures of Christmas

        Kathy got the idea from somewhere–a magazine that no longer exists is my guess.  “We’ll take a picture every year,” she said, “and we’ll turn them into ornaments for the tree.”  And, strangely enough, we did.  Not every tradition we tried out lasted, but this one–thanks to Kathy’s persistence–has survived. It…


Pastor Mark’s eNote: Unwrapping the Christmas Gift

        The day draws nigh.         One more Sunday, one more candle, one more week of getting ourselves ready for it all. Then, Christmas.         In the church, we’ve taken a four-week run at it, pondering each week some aspect of the baby-sized message big enough…


December on the Rooftop Week 2

  Each week there is a devotion online that coincides with our discussion on the Rooftop. Click here to discover how you can spend some time this week with your child studying God’s word and going deeper into the lesson we presented on Sunday! Our bottom line this week was, “I can have joy because…

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