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Because of you and all your work in the community, our church was ranked BEST OF GWINNETT! We celebrate this because it is a testament to our work as the hands and feet of Christ in this community and that people know that we are for them, we are with them, and we love them. We #lovegwinnett!

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Meet Jif

Meet Jif.   Jif is a jar a peanut butter that was purchased in a local grocery store. It was purchased by a family who wanted to donate to our Food Pantry. Do you ever wonder how the food pantry works? Let’s follow Jif…   After leaving the grocery store Jif is deposited in the large bins just…

October Virtue – Honor!

Dear Parents, September is behind us so we are packing up Courage and opening up a new virtue for October. I am excited that we will be exploring HONOR! Honor is letting someone know you see how valuable they really are. All of God’s creation is important to Him. Jesus told us that God knows…

Intimacy with God

On Wednesday nights I have the privilege of teaching our “Christian to the Core” class. In this class, we’re exploring 8 core values that are essential in the lives of disciples of Jesus Christ. The first value, which is foundational for all others, is “Intimacy with God”: Disciples live life from an intimate relationship with God….


Copy of Copy of Copy of Time…Where does it go?

Time.  It goes so fast.  I’ve heard it said…. the days go by slowly, but the years fly by fast!  This especially seems true when it comes to our kids.  It seems that in a blink of an eye, they cross new milestones, and then are gone.  If you don’t believe me, ask a parent…

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