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March on the Rooftop Week 4

In Matthew 18:21-35, Jesus tells the story of a servant who was severely in debt to the king.  Despite the fact that the king forgave his enormous debt, the servant refused to forgive another man just a small debt.  The king was very unhappy that his servant did not show the man his same kindness….

eNote graphic - A Lenten Prayer

Pastor Mark’s eNote – A Lenten Prayer from Psalm 130

       Out of the clutter I cry to you, O Lord. From behind the heaps of excess and yellowing stacks of good intentions, from beneath the mound of past mistakes counted and recounted and old regrets still dripping with guilt, I call to you. I am weary from the load of grudges inordinately…


March on the Rooftop Week 3

This week, we are finishing up in Luke by revisiting the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:21-32.  Not everyone in the story was happy about the son coming home, or the fact that the father threw a big party for him!  The older brother who had obeyed his father all along was found…

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