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Pastor Mark’s eNote – One March, Two Aprils, Three Miracles

       So, there’s this really pregnant giraffe named April—15 months worth of pregnant, in fact—and any day now (they’ve been saying for weeks), she will give birth to a 150-pound, 6-foot-tall baby. And, oh yeah, she’ll do that while standing up. Now, I find all of that really amazing, though I’m told it…

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March on the Rooftop Week 2

Forgiveness is deciding that someone who has wronged you doesn’t have to pay. This week we spent some time with one of Jesus’ most well known parables, The Prodigal Son. Kids learned that this kids who thought he had it all together, took his dad’s money and blew it in a very short time. When…

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Pastor Mark’s eNote – Resynchronization Without Representation

       It’s outrageous. How long we will tolerate it? Every year around this time the government steps in and takes an hour of our time. One minute it’s 1:59 a.m., and the next it’s 3:00. In the dead of night, no less! Do they think we won’t notice? Sure, they say they’ll return…

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