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November on the Rooftop Week 3

  November on the Rooftop Week 3 November’s virtue is HONOR – letting someone know you see how valuable they really are. David’s life gives us some powerful lessons about honor. Each week we will discuss a different event in his life that will support our virtue. This week, we are in 2 Samuel 9:13….


Pastor Mark’s eNote: Annual Thanksgiving Audit

As you prepare for this week of Thanksgiving, please complete the following information in full, following the directions included.   Line 1: Name (Last, First, Middle) ________________________ Line 2: Address _____________________________________ Line 3: Phone _______________________________________ Line 4: Age _________________________________________ Line 5: Next of Kin ___________________________________ Line 6: Religious Affiliation ______________________________ Line 7: Assets ________________________________________ Line…

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