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November on the Rooftop Week 3

  November on the Rooftop Week 3 November’s virtue is HONOR – letting someone know you see how valuable they really are. David’s life gives us some powerful lessons about honor. Each week we will discuss a different event in his life that will support our virtue. This week, we are in 2 Samuel 9:13….


Pastor Mark’s eNote: Annual Thanksgiving Audit

As you prepare for this week of Thanksgiving, please complete the following information in full, following the directions included.   Line 1: Name (Last, First, Middle) ________________________ Line 2: Address _____________________________________ Line 3: Phone _______________________________________ Line 4: Age _________________________________________ Line 5: Next of Kin ___________________________________ Line 6: Religious Affiliation ______________________________ Line 7: Assets ________________________________________ Line…


Pastor Mark’s eNote: Hamilton Mill Welcomes Bishop Sue

        Hamilton Mill Welcomes Bishop Sue         This Sunday, November 13, we will welcome to HMUMC our new episcopal leader for the North Georgia Annual Conference, Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson. Actually, she prefers to be called “Bishop Sue,” which, I have to admit, felt kind of strange to me at…

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