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Pastor Mark’s eNote – Totality or Almost

          The light dimmed and became, for lack of a better word, eerie; the streetlights around the church came on; crickets chirped; and the temperature dropped a bit.  It was all pretty amazing.  Still, I’ll admit I was surprised it didn’t get darker.  I mean, looking through my NASA-approved glasses, I…

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Weekly Top Ten – August 23

This Week’s Top Ten! 1. This Sunday THIS SUNDAY in Worship Word & Table Service @ 8am  |  Modern Service @ 9:15am  | Traditional Service @ 11:00am Our scripture lesson this week is basically a list of names.  Pretty exciting, huh?  But my guess is tears welled in Paul’s eyes and his heart raced as he…

eNote - Beyond ‘Whataboutism’

Pastor Mark’s eNote – Beyond ‘Whataboutism’

          A week ago Nazi-sympathizers, white nationalists, KKK members, and other racist groups, many of them armed, rallied for a tiki-torch march through the heart of Charlottesville, followed by protests in the streets the following day.  I seriously doubt that anyone reading this column would align themselves with the groups I…

Lassie, Come Home

Pastor Mark’s eNote – Lassie, Come Home

  Yes, I ran this exact same column last year, and it was already old then, but instead of saying it a rerun, let’s call it a new tradition. Some of you younger readers might not remember all of the “congregants.”  Feel free to Google.         Summertime is always great.  You get a…

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