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Using God’s call to develop a lifestyle of praise and worship through multimedia, the Tech Team of Hamilton Mill United Methodist Church faithfully desires to magnify Christ by offering avenues in leading worship, discipleship, and our congregation through the arts.
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Our Goal

To lead people closer to the Cross using various art forms that display a creative God.


Why The Tech Team Exists

To give opportunity for those creative types to express their passion through the arts. The Tech Team of Hamilton Mill United Methodist Church is a way for leaders to offer their gifts to God as they lead the congregation in worship with the use of multimedia to worship our Creator.


Joining the Team

There are many ways to serve within the Tech Team. The only qualifications needed is a heart to serve the Lord and the willingness to learn. We are happy to train anyone who shows a Godly desire to give their talents to the Lord.

Areas To Serve

  • Sound / Audio – Sanctuary, Student and Children’s Audio Engineers
  • Worship Set-Up Crew – Worship Set-Up Crew is a “Behind the Scenes” Ministry team for anyone willing to help transition the stage from Contemporary to Traditional services. This crew will also help prepare the stage for services during the week as needed.
  • Video / Presentation – Adult, Student and Children’s ProPresenter and Video Editing
  • Lighting – LD – Lighting Designer for Adult Worship Services
  • Producer / Director – Service Producer



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