Acolyte Training Class

  • 12:15 PM

Acolyte Training and Recognition Teaser Graphic

Acolyte Recognition and Training

Sunday, August 20 at 12:15 pm
During the 11:00 am traditional service we are looking forward to recognizing each of our current acolytes and letting them know just how much HMUMC appreciates their ministry among us. Afterward, we are inviting current acolytes and any students (4th- 8th grade) interested in serving on our Acolyte Ministry Team to join us in Room 351 for a pizza party at 12:15 am. Immediately following the pizza party, we will meet in the Worship Center at 12:45 pm for both a refresher training session for our current serving acolytes (who will actually be showing our new acolytes how it’s done) and a new training for those interested students who have not served as acolytes yet. Please RSVP below.
Acolyte Training Lunch RSVP
The Acolyte Ministry is an important aspect of our traditional worship where our students serve as they bring in and represent the Light of Christ in worship.
Our Acolyte Coordinator will work diligently with the parents of our acolytes to make sure that each student has the opportunity to serve on a rotating basis as much as possible during the 2017-18 schedule. And to the best of their abilities and dependent on the information they are given by participants, they will also strive to keep participating families calendars in mind. We are so thankful for these young people and appreciate their leadership in our traditional service. If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Mark Locke at