Hiking Club

  • 07:00 AM

Our next hike is scheduled for Saturday, June 7 (the normal 2nd Saturday is Father’s Day weekend).  We will continue with our objective of moving northbound up the the AT toward NC.

This will be an in-and-out hike that will start north of Unicoi Gap on USFS road 79 (Piper Springs), then proceed by an old cheese factory site, and make an assent of Trey Mtn (a 1,000 ft climb) and then hike drop down nearly 1,000 ft to Steeltrap Gap.  We will then hike back up and down Trey Mtn and back to the starting point.


This will be a very strenuous 8 mile hike due to length, significant elevation changes, and rocky terrain.


The in-an-out hike format though allows you to hike the entire distance or go only as far as you are comfortable.  We will all meet up back at the cars and leave together.  So, you can customize the length of the hike to your hiking abilities.
The view from Trey Mtn is spectacular (elev. 4,430 feet) with excellent views in all directions of the Ga mtns.  Also, the mountain laurel and rhododendron are abundant in the area and should be in bloom.

Bring a lunch, snacks, and plenty of fluids.  If any one has a four-wheel drive vehicle we can use  it would make our passage over the FS road more certain as there will likely be some streams and soft shoulders that will need crossing.

The plan for the day-hike will be:

6:45AM  –  Arrive at Flowery Branch Target parking lot to sign-in and arrange transportation.

7AM – depart from Flower Branch

9AM  – arrive at trailhead

3PM  –  Complete hike and start back home

5PM  –  Arrive Flowery Branch

If you plan to make this hike, please email: issy518@gmail.com or kelleytl@bellsouth.net