For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

The Pantry at HMUMC is open every Saturday from 8:00am to 10:30 am and gives out over 35,000 pounds of food, feeding an average of 600 families each week. There are no eligibility requirements for patrons to receive food, all are welcome. The Pantry relies 100% on the generosity of volunteers and donors to support ongoing operations.

About The Pantry

Due to the strong need in our community, Hamilton Mill United Methodist Church decided to create a special ministry devoted to addressing food insecurity in our area. Since 2009, The Pantry has rapidly grown from feeding 25 families a month to feeding well over 2,500 a month. The Pantry relies 100% on the generosity of volunteers and donors to support ongoing operations.
The Pantry seeks to offer the Bread of Life to our community by providing quality food and building quality relationships rooted in the love of Jesus.

Bringing our community to the table of faith by taking hunger off the table


Pantry Donations
As we expand our Pantry operations and follow COVID 19 protocols, we ask that you consider making monetary donations rather than physical food donations at this time. Through our partnership with the Atlanta Community Foodbank, we have incredible buying power and can be the best stewards of your donations.

Currently, we are averaging 600 families per week at The Pantry. Sponsoring a family or families is the most effective and safe way to help us be the bread of life for those in need during this time!
$25 sponsors a family of 2 for a week.
Many of our 2 person family units are  made up of senior adults. In 2020, we served over 3,500 seniors through your donations.
$50 sponsors a family of 4 for a week.
In Georgia there are over 400,000 children facing food insecurity. We are able to serve over 1,300 children per year.
$100 sponsors a family of 8 for a week.
Throughout the pandemic, we have seen more families live together.
For some, $100 is the cost of eating out at a restaurant twice of week; instead of eating out you can sponsor 2 pantry families!
To make a monetary donation to The Pantry, please use the link button below

Meet Our Leadership Team

Pantry Director
Pastor Over Missions
Volunteer Coordinator

Julie Daniel

Distribution Coordinator

Jamie Richardson

Distribution Coordinator
Operations Coordinator
Driver Coordinator

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Use your unique gifts to help The Pantry

All persons must signup to volunteer.  We will not be accepting walk up volunteers during this time

Saturday Distribution

 Distribution : 
Distribution of food to the community
Involvement with patrons who come for assistance

General tasks include:
Processing, sorting, packing, and distributing donations
Please see Job Descriptions below 
Multiple jobs available for all ages and abilities
Please Note: The Saturday Form is NOT an automatic Signup. After submitting the form, our volunteer coordinator, will get in touch with you.

Prep for Distribution  

Wednesdays & Fridays: 
9:00am-11:00am & 11:00am-1:00pm
Sundays : 
4:00 pm  - 6:00 pm
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

General tasks include:
Offloading trucks, Sorting food donations, preparing for Saturday distribution
Multiple jobs for all ages and abilities
These two buttons will allow you to sign up automatically via Signup Genius.

Saturday Jobs

Outdoor Team - These positions are a good fit for those with an outgoing personality and someone who is compassionate, excited to talk with the patrons, and open to praying with our patrons as needs arise.

  • Parking - Greet all patrons as they enter the parking lot.  Ensure cars are following the designated path and moving forward to intake when ready.  Provide first-time patrons with details about The Pantry & HMUMC, and answer any question they might have.
  • Intake - Check-in patrons as they move from parking to registration. Have new patrons complete the registration form and verify previous patrons' contact information. Engage in conversations with patrons about their day/week and pray with patrons as needs arise.
  • Loading Team - This positions require physical labor.  Each patron family will receive at least one box and boxes weigh around 40lbs each.  The loading team will often put in between 12,000 & 18,000 steps on any given Saturday.
  • Specials - Get specials/extras requests from patrons and load into patron's cars.  These items typically include baby products, feminine hygiene items, and pet food.
  • Amazon Sorting - These positions require physical labor.  When the Amazon delivery arrives, this team will help unload the truck, break down boxes, & move food from parking lot appropriate locations.  There is no interaction with patrons.
  • Amazon Pickup - This is an early morning shift driving/riding to two Amazon warehouses, picking up donated items, and delivering them to The Pantry.  This position does require some physical labor to move pallets, milk crates and boxes.  This position does not have any interaction with patrons.

Inside Team - These positions are responsible for prepping the food and filling boxes for patrons.  Physical activity includes lifting cases of food, placing food in boxes, moving boxes from tables to carts, pulling food from storage, etc.

  • Processing - Pulling refrigerated & canned food items to be moved from the walk-in freezer, to the processing trailer, to the distribution line for packing.  This position will handle/bag meats, so if you have any aversion to handling meat this may not be the best position in which to serve.
  • Distribution Line - Putting together boxes of food for distribution to patrons.
  • Baggers - Bag fresh produce for food boxes.
  • Runner - The Runner assists in sorting food from the Amazon delivery, moving bins/barrels from processing to distribution as well as lifting heavy items for packing.  This position requires a lot of physical activity and lifting heavy items.
  • Transport - The Transport Team moves boxes of food from the prep table to carts & delivers to the Loading Team.  
  • Clean-up Crew - This team arrives at 10:30am and is responsible for breaking down cardboard boxes, moving pallets of food from the parking lot to The Pantry building, cleaning & moving tables inside, moving leftover food back to The Pantry or the church basement, and general clean-up.

Volunteer  FAQ

Do I need to sign up?
YES! Though we love being a place for everyone to volunteer,
we will not be accepting walk up volunteers during this time. Please select the appropriate button above to sign-up or get more info.
When do I need to be there?
Please see above for days and times.
What should I wear?
Comfortable clothes and closed toe shoes are recommended. Masks are required.
What if I cannot volunteer for the entire time?
If you are only available to serve for part of the time, please let us know upon registration. Our tasks vary from week to week, and are always changing, so it is easy to step in and out of roles.
What will I be doing?
There are various tasks including: processing donations, making packs for food distribution, carrying food baskets to cars and welcoming patrons. We organize volunteer tasks according to volunteers’ skills and abilities.
Can my children volunteer?
On Saturday Distributions, we can only have volunteers 14 or older. If you are interested in volunteering with your children, sign up for one of our special Family Night Volunteer opportunities!
May I bring a group to volunteer?
Please use the form below to confirm any availability or contact one of our leaders to schedule your group.

Follow us on social media.

One of the best ways to stay up to date with everything happening at The Pantry is to follow us on Facebook or Instagram.
There you will find updates on volunteer opportunities and weekly celebrations at The Pantry.

Receiving Food at the Pantry

Everyone qualifies to receive food at the Pantry!

We are thankful for the opportunity to serve your family. We know that now, more than ever, we are in difficult times. So whether this is your first time or you’re returning, know that we are happy to be able to support you and share with you the love of Christ. We know that asking for help is not easy.  At Hamilton Mill UMC, we believe that God sees us and takes care of us. We invite you to think about the food you are going to receive as a tangible gift of love from God and a sign of love from your community. Whatever brought you here today, remember that you will only be met with genuine love and care for you and your family. Below you will find some instructions that will help our morning go a little easier. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the process, as things may have changed from previous weeks.

Pantry FAQ

When is The Pantry at HMUMC open to receive assistance?
Line up for drive-thru service every Saturday from 8:00am to 10:30am.

How often can families receive food?
We ask that families come and receive food every other week. However, as our community faces unprecedented challenges, if your family needs additional support you may come every week.
What do people need to bring?
We ask that consider bringing a picture I.D. for yourself and any other family you pick up for.

What will families receive?
Families will receive a large box of a variety of fresh, frozen, and canned foods.

How do I receive food on Saturday?
When you arrive on Saturday, you will be greeted and added into our car line. When you reach an intake volunteer, each family is given a "Pantry Barcode Card" that is linked in our Database.
Just have that out and ready to receive your food!

What if I'm not in the Pantry's New Database?
No worries, to expedite check-in on Saturday, please click the "Pantry Patron Form" Button.
On your first Saturday you will be given a wallet size "Pantry Barcode Card"

What if I've been to the Pantry in the Past, Will I be in the Database?
If you've haven't been to the Pantry since February 7, 2021 you are not in our new database and would need to add your information into our database.

What Information does the Pantry need about my family?
We collect basic information regarding you and your family such as;
Names & DOB(for age), Address, Phone number, and the Names & DOB's for those living in the household.
Rest assure all information submitted to The Pantry at HMUMC will be kept confidential.

Does The Pantry have other services?
The Pantry at HMUMC is a food pantry, and our focus is on providing food for our community. Unfortunately, we do not provide any additional assistance, including monetary assistance.

I'm New!

First and Foremost, Welcome!
  • We currently serve in a drive-through model.
  • If you are new or haven't been to the Pantry since February 7, 2021;  please add your information into our database by clicking the  "Pantry Patron Form" Button below.
  • We will begin lining cars up at 6:15 am and begin distribution as soon as possible. Please do not arrive prior to 6:15am.  The lineup area will be closed off until 6:15 am, please park in the adjacent parking lot if you arrive prior to our line being open.
  • The Parking lot will be closed promptly at 10:30am. If you are in line by 10:30 you will receive food.
  • For the safety of your family and our volunteers, please send only one family member for pickup until further notice.
  • In order to maintain the recommended 6 feet social distance, please remain in your vehicle and do not get out for any reason. Our volunteers will put your box in you trunk (please have space available and open prior to receiving food).
  • If for any reason the box cannot be placed in your trunk, you will be asked to pull up to a self-service area. A volunteer will place the box on a small white table, after the box is placed you may exit your vehicle and load in your box.
  • At this time restrooms will not be accessible.

Pantry Patron Database Form

Below is the important form that we would like for you to fill out before you arrive.
Just a couple of Helpful Tips & Reminders:
  • You will be prompted to use and verify an email to proceed.
  • Please complete the form in it's entirety with accurate information.
  • Please make sure to add ALL Household Members at the bottom of the page. We must have that information.
  • In order to add another Household Member; click the "Add Another Household Member" button. Please complete that for each person living in your household.
  • If you have any trouble filling out the form; please use the “Questions?” form below to reach us.
  • Keep in mind, we must have your information entered into this database in order to serve you. By filling our the form now, you will expedite the check-in process on Saturday.
  • If you are having trouble we can add you to the database on Saturday, but it will slow your check in process.


On Saturday morning please enter the parking lot, through the middle entrance, and follow the directions of our parking lot team. 


We love to clarify volunteering requirements or another questions that may arise. Please reach out if you still have questions. Our Pantry team will be back in touch with you soon!