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October on the Rooftop – Week 4

  October on the Rooftop – Week 4 Sunday was an amazing day in the life our church! The energy created in our new Worship Center and the presence of the Holy Spirit made for an amazing day! Celebrating Sunday afternoon at our annual Fall Festival was a wonderful way to wrap up this momentous day…


Pastor Mark’s eNote: See You at Church

            I can’t guarantee another rainbow this Sunday, but I can promise the day will be exciting and joyous, because we will gather in our new worship center for the first time … and then do what we do EVERY week. We will offer our praises and our lives to…


Pastor Mark’s eNote: Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

         “So, what’s going on at church?” you ask. “And do I need to be there?”      A few things. And yes.      This Sunday is Commitment Sunday. That’s no small thing. We will fill out our “Take Care” pledge cards for the remainder of 2016 and all of 2017…

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