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Pastor Mark’s eNote – Who Are We Who Dare to Build This Place?

Who Are We Who Dare to Build This Place?         We are a people who love God and neighbor. We have heard the words of Jesus (Matthew 22:37-40), and we seek to take those words seriously, with joy. We love the God who first loved us. In our new space, as we…


September on the Rooftop – Week 4

  September on the Rooftop – Week 3 This week, we finished our study of Joseph in Genesis 42-45. Last week, we left Joseph in charge of Egypt second only to Pharaoh himself. The famine that Joseph predicted has spread all the way to Joseph’s family. Jacob sends the brothers to buy food in Egypt where…


Pastor Mark’s eNote – Glimpses of Heaven

Glimpses of Heaven         There is an odd little Japanese movie called “After Life.” It tells the story of a group of people who have recently died and have gathered in a kind of celestial holding area. They are asked to choose a single memory of happiness, then a heavenly film crew…


September on the Rooftop – Week 3

  September on the Rooftop – Week 3 All month long we are journeying through Genesis with Joseph. Last week we found him waiting in prison for Pharaoh’s cup bearer to plead Joseph’s case and to be released from prison. He waited 3 long years but continued trusting God. He ended up being in leadership over…


Pastor Mark’s eNote – What Drives Miss Daisy?

What Drives Miss Daisy? Those of you who have met our dog Daisy know she is pretty timid and reluctant to mix with strangers, but don’t be fooled by her nervousness with people. The dog is a hunter at heart. Take her outside, and she will sprint wildly toward any squirrel or rabbit lulled into…

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