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A Book About Home

Pastor Mark’s eNote – The Book about Home

      It came as a revelation to me, though I will quickly admit that what comes as a revelation to me is often common knowledge to others, but over the course of the past year or so I’ve come to a new understanding of this Book we gather around every Sunday. It is…

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Weekly Top Ten – Jan 10

This Week’s Top Ten! 1. TONIGHT at HMUMC! Wednesday Night Programming Resumes TONIGHT! Join us for fellowship, a home cooked meal and growth groups for all ages! 5:00pm – Kids CrosSing Children’s Choir. Rooms 148 and 149. We will be introducing our kid’s musical “100% Chance of Rain” as our Spring musical. 5:30pm – Wednesday Night Supper. Meatloaf served with scalloped potatoes and…

January 7 on the Rooftop

A great way to start the new year is by focusing on Commitment – making a plan and putting it into practice. All month long we’ll practice different ways to know God better and committing our lives to Him. This week, we hear from Jesus about two builders; one built his house on solid rock…

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New Growth Groups Start Soon!

This Week’s Top Ten! The New Year is a great time to grow in your relationship with God, and the best way to grow as a disciple is alongside of others. The Book of Isaiah Mondays 10am – 11:30am | Jan 8 – April 23 | $12 Led by Harry and Beverly Neville This 13-week…

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